Contract and Copy Regulations

Publisher reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement at any time.
Cancellations will not be accepted by publisher after closing date.
Publisher not bound by any terms or conditions printed or otherwise, appearing on order blanks, advertisers, forms or copy instructions when in conflict with terms and conditions on publisher's rate cards or policies.
Advertiser and advertising agency will indemnify and hold harmless De Norte a Sur, its officers, agents, employees and contractors for all contents supplied to publisher, including text representations and illustrations of advertisements printed, and for defamations, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, plagiarism and the case of preprinted insert, deficient postage.

De Norte a Sur shall not be liable for failure to print, publish or circulate all or many parts of any issue in which an advertisement accepted by the publisher is contained if failure due to acts of God or government strikes, accident, lack of newsprint or other circumstances beyond the control of De Norte a Sur.

De Norte a Sur shall not be liable for errors or omissions for which it may be responsible, beyond cost of actual space occupied or to have been occupied by them in which error or omission or failure to insert occurred. Advertiser will be entitled to refund of advertisement price or insertion in next issue, at advertiser's option.
Position cannot be guaranteed. No credit or allowances for position given.