About us

   De Norte a Sur, Noticiero Argentino-Uruguayo, one of the leading Hispanic papers in the US and Canada, was founded in 1980 to meet the demands of the growing community of immigrants from South America. It now boasts a circulations of 30,000 copies, which are distributed in major cities of both countries. Since its beginnings, it has published every month without interruption.

   Back in 1980, the growing number of Hispanic immigrants to the US, from Argentina in particular, and their need for information in Spanish, prompted us to start a newspaper, geared to inform this growing community, which we aptly named the Noticiero Argentino.

   The launching of Noticiero Argentino was a great success. It was greeted with delight by the Argentinean community and we grew. As the paper became established, it also began to evolve. Our first mayor change was to open our pages to another South American community that was also growing, the Uruguayan. This group, as had the Argentineans before them, gave the paper a thunderous welcome and embraced it. Our paper now had another voice, thus becoming Noticiero Argentino Uruguayo.

   As time went by we realized that, although there are people of many Hispanic nationalities in the US, their goals, needs and wants, were the same. With this in mind, we set out to make one more mayor change in the paper and started to cover the Hispanic community regardless of nationality. However, our original commitment to the Argentinean and Uruguayan communities didn't change. We continue to cover them as aggressively as always but with the difference that other communities now have a voice in Noticiero Argentino Uruguayo, which now goes by the name of De Norte A Sur.

   As these major changes were occurring in our editorial content, our circulation patterns and numbers were also changing. In the beginning Noticiero circulated primarily in the New York Metropolitan area. Then, in 1988 we began distributing the paper in Florida with news and advertising of the area. In 1989 it was time to move into the California and Canada (Toronto and Montreal) markets and we did, establishing the paper there. Then, in 1990, we entered our next market Washington D.C., and the following year, 1991, Puerto Rico was added to our sphere of circulation.

   De Norte a Sur, is today the most widely circulated Hispanic newspaper in the US and Canada. It gets to most of the Hispanic markets in the nothern hemisphere.

   Plans are being made to expand our circulation to Spain and Australia, which, according to our projections, will take effect this year.

   Each of these five editions has an editorial core that is of interest to every one of our readers no matter where they are, the rest of the paper in each regions consists of news and advertising of the area where it circulates.

   Today, De Norte a Sur reaches tens of thousands of people across the US and parts of Canada.

   The success and confidence in our product is clearly evidenced by the quality of our advertisers which include Philip Morris, American Airlines, Aerolineas Argentinas, Kraft General Foods, Miller, Republic Bank, AT&T, Chase Manhattan Bank, Pepsi, Coke, Ria Envia, Goya Foods, NYNEX, Budweiser, Con Edison, Ladeco, US Air, Reebok and many more.

   The effectiveness, at least in the New York Metropolitan area, of De Norte a Sur was augmented by our radio broadcast on WADO, the premier Hispanic radio Station in New York. Presencia, a two hour-long, Sunday program that was devoted to news, interviews, music and entertainment for the Hispanic community.